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Mind into Matter is about teaching yoga. But with extraordinary and essential ingredients: time for self love, self agency, and self action. Expect rigour on the mat and in your heart. Expect to stretch, shed, and share. Expect a whole lot of hilarity, a wee bit of poetry, perhaps a few tears and your naked truth. Any question goes. You leave from this deep dive with yoga credentials and your life purpose. Ready to soar on and off the mat. It’s all mind into matter.


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Mind into Matter

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

What People Say

I have been practicing with Fiji online for four years, and more recently am in her 200hr Teacher Training 2018-2019. When I think of Fiji as an instructor-Power, Grace, Empowerment-come to mind. She is a cueing Queen, sequences with ease, and inspires deep release through breath work and movement. If you are looking for a yoga instructor that helps you to meet and know your edge, and build inner and physical strength, Fiji will not disappoint.

Moyra Bell

Mary is one of the most diversified and humble career coaches I have ever come across. She coaches with her clients, rather than to them. She looks for what she can learn from each session, rather than just what she was able to impart.

C. Weldon

The training will be intense and you will be required to attend all hours of training in order to receive your training certificate and apply for your RYT 200 through the Yoga Alliance.

The training is an expansive and integrated journey of yoga, self-discovery, rigor and levity.
You will be guided by two women whose passion and expertise in the complimentary fields of yoga, personal growth and leadership will light your heart on fire so you can step on to the mat and into the world in your own unique way.

Fiji McAlpine, a renowned yoga instructor, known for her precision of movement, cueing, and alignment will give you the pillars for your own teaching toolbox.
Mary, a skilled mentor, teacher and entrepreneur will lead you to understand your role as teacher, community leader and holder of space -- to ensure students will be drawn to what only you can offer.

Our training will use the Levity Yoga Teacher Training foundation, created by Peter Sterios, considered one of the greatest yoga teachers of our time and the founder of Manduka. You will leave with both a rich understanding of all aspects of yoga that can be applied to any form and style that is uniquely yours to create, and with a loving community who will continue to stand mentor and encourage you long after the training

NOTE: 9 dinners will be left open - you pay for what you want at that time.
This allows for individuals to explore cafes in Tavira, shop at local markets to create potluck dinners or to simply dine alone. We suggest you budget 15 euro per day for the additional dinners.

You will need to budget for taxi service to and from the Faro Airport or for a car rental. There will be no airport transfers provided by us.

We will be requesting your dietary restrictions on the in-take form once you are registered.

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