RYT 200 hour training

The RYT 200 hour training is an expansive and integrated journey of yoga and self-discovery.  
You will be guided by two women whose passion and expertise in the complimentary fields of yoga, personal growth and leadership will light your heart on fire so you can step on to the mat and into the world in your own unique way.
Fiji McAlpine, a renowned yoga instructor, known for her precision of movement, cueing, and alignment will give you the pillars for your own teaching toolbox.

Mary Prefontaine, a skilled mentor, teacher and entrepreneur will lead you to understand your role as teacher, community leader and holder of space — to ensure you live your purpose on and off the mat.
Our training uses the LevitYoga Teacher Training foundation, created by Peter Sterios, author of Gravity & Grace, and the founder of Manduka. You will leave with both a rich understanding of all aspects of yoga that can be applied to any form and style that is uniquely yours to create.  You will also take with you a supportive community who will continue to mentor and encourage you long after the training is complete.
MIND INTO MATTER YOGA teacher training is an intensive program and you are required to attend all hours of the training, submit all written requirements, and complete a short exam to enable you to receive your MIND INTO MATTER YOGA certificate.  Once you have your certificate you are able to apply for your Registered Yoga Teacher credentials through the Yoga Alliance, the official governing agency for yoga teachers and schools worldwide.
If you are seriously interested in becoming a yoga teacher, or you wish to deepen your own personal practice of living a yogic life, please contact us directly at and then complete the Intake Form.  We look forward to welcoming you into a transformational experience for your body, mind and spirit.  

Retreats & Upcoming Events

The Victoria Yoga Conference

Victoria Yoga Conference

DATES: FEBRUARY 14 TO 16, 2020

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What People Say

I have been practicing with Fiji online for four years, and more recently am in her 200hr Teacher Training 2018-2019. When I think of Fiji as an instructor-Power, Grace, Empowerment-come to mind. She is a cueing Queen, sequences with ease, and inspires deep release through breath work and movement. If you are looking for a yoga instructor that helps you to meet and know your edge, and build inner and physical strength, Fiji will not disappoint.

Moyra Bell

Mary is one of the most diversified and humble career coaches I have ever come across. She coaches with her clients, rather than to them. She looks for what she can learn from each session, rather than just what she was able to impart.

C. Weldon


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