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Mary Prefontaine | Business Coach Profile


Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Mary Prefontaine has worked with hundreds of people to help them make change and transform their lives and careers through a series of coaching sessions – or sometimes in only one conversation. 


I am a yoga teacher, a life coach, and a lover of beauty.

My life purpose is “to elevate human consciousness” for the sake of humanity and planet Earth. I claimed my purpose, or perhaps it claimed me, at a Human Unity conference, long before it was in vogue to talk about it. Wherever my purpose leads me, whether it is into a boardroom or into the mountains, I dedicate my attention and intention to helping people discover meaning and purpose.

I am in service to the synergies between my yoga practice and the principles of leadership. The awareness I must bring to my body, mind and spirit on the mat is the same awareness I need to bring to all aspects of my coaching and mentoring. When you listen to your body and your heart with humility and kindness, you are more prepared to meet others with compassion and curiosity.  

A dynamic partnership with Fiji evolved from a conversation around this idea: 

If you choose to be a yoga teacher, you have a responsibility to lead in a manner in which others want to follow. 

Inspired teachers invite us to share, shed and stretch. They ask us to leave the mat, the conversation and the world better than when we arrived. With this in mind, we created a yoga school where students are provided the time and space to dive deep into “Who am I?” and answer the question, “What is it the world needs that is uniquely mine to offer?” 

Fiji brings rock star asana training and years of teaching experience. I bring an expansive background in coaching, personal growth and business. It is the yin and the yang, the kettle and the teapot, the teacher is the student and the student is the teacher. Both matter because it all matters.

I have had some big jobs and some tough jobs but never boring jobs. I have been a carhop, a hotel desk clerk, a travel counselor, a single mom, a tourism executive, an arts marketing director, and a leadership institute CEO. With the spirit of an entrepreneur and the heart of a yogi, I spend my days coaching, facilitating and hosting mindful conversations with athletes, entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, engineers, bankers and some wickedly smart and funny people. 

Travel has been, and continues to be, one of my greatest teachers. Yoga is my soul sister. I love nature and humanity in all its pain and beauty. For me standing on foreign lands in wildly remote places is no different than standing on the edge of my mat in Warrior Three. They both ask of me the same thing – to be fully present, aware of my subtle body and to quiet my mind.  

I love all things wild including human potential.  In MIND INTO MATTER YOGA teacher training you will explore your own potential in a rigorous and loving practice.  You will take with you a new community and the tools and the confidence to step into your future loving what matters to you. 

To learn more about Mary’s professional background, visit her LinkedIn page.

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Mary Prefontaine - Mind Into Matter

Assesment Overview

Assessments are informative tools to help you become more fully aware of the conscious and unconscious parts of yourself that serve you or derail you. 

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Emergenetics is a psychometric assessment founded in science and utilized in business around the world. 

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the unique repertoire of emotional skills that a person uses to navigate life.

Ethical Lens Inventory

Ethical Lens Inventory is a science + business tool that measures preferences between autonomy and equality and between rationality and sensibility. 

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Motivation Factor

This brain based psychometric assessment identifies neurological indicators of a persons core needs and talents.

What People Say about Mary Prefontaine

Mary Prefontaine is a high-level thinker who delivers exceptional results no matter how challenging the task or initiative. Mary has an incredible gift for bringing people together to create real impact. As as an Associate trained in our product, Emergenetics, she is an excellent facilitator, speaker and analyst, whom I would recommend for any organization who needs human capital development.

M. Miller

Working with Mary was not a typical program in leadership. It was a journey into the self. It was more than just how to be a leader or a teacher, it was about learning to stand in my truth and purpose. About arriving at a place of human adulthood where I could know and be my deepest natural self. Where I could communicate from a place of mindfulness instead of fear or self-doubt. Where I could tap into what made me uniquely beautiful and have that radiate throughout my life, my family and my community.

Nat York, Mind into Matter Yoga Teacher