Mary Prefontaine

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Mary Prefontaine has worked with hundreds of people to help them make change and transform their lives and careers through a series of coaching sessions - or sometimes in only one conversation. 

About Mary Prefontaine

Mary Prefontaine is a coach, entrepreneur and speaker dedicated to helping people make mindful choices towards living a life of meaning and purpose.

Her diverse career in executive leadership and business in both in Canada and the USA makes her a robust resource for others to lean into and learn from.

For 8 years, Mary served as President and Chief Executive Officer at The Institute for Career Advancement Needs (ICAN), building and leading a dedicated team to develop inspired, community-minded leaders through leader development education and coaching.

As Co-Founder of the social venture Brew, Mary guides men and women to discover and lead with mindful awareness of self and others. As a spirited leader, she brings to Brew experience and education in business, coaching, and mindfulness training.

As an executive coach, Mary works directly with clients across North America - including Fortune 500 companies - to empower their senior leaders, executive teams and boards to create more unified, diverse and purpose driven workforces. Mary also produces and facilitates leadership retreats and is engaged with Royal Roads University to design and facilitate THRIVE - an executive women’s leadership retreat in June 2018 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Mary is an avid learner in the area of brain science, and is certified in several psycho-metric assessments, including ELI (Ethical Lens Inventory), Emergenetics, EQi 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence Leadership Quotient) and Value Match. She is a certified coach, an active member of the International Coaches Federation, and a past board member of the ICF Vancouver Island Chapter. Her passion is to push her personal edge on and off the yoga mat and is currently expanding her 240 hour yoga teacher credentials to include mindfulness training certification.

In whatever environment she is leading, Mary encourages mindful conversation amongst individuals and groups. Her life experience has taught her that building commitment, trust and confidence is the cornerstone for a successful enterprise and leadership team.

To learn more about Mary’s professional background, visit her LinkedIn page.

Mary Prefontaine - Mind Into Matter

Assesment Overview

Assessments are informative tools to help you become more fully aware of the conscious and unconscious parts of yourself that serve you or derail you. 

Mary Prefontaine


Emergenetics is a psychometric assessment founded in science and utilized in business around the world. 

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the unique repertoire of emotional skills that a person uses to navigate life.

Ethical Lens Inventory

Ethical Lens Inventory is a science + business tool that measures preferences between autonomy and equality and between rationality and sensibility. 

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Motivation Factor

This brain based psychometric assessment identifies neurological indicators of a persons core needs and talents.

What People Say about Mary Prefontaine

Mary Prefontaine is a high-level thinker who delivers exceptional results no matter how challenging the task or initiative. Mary has an incredible gift for bringing people together to create real impact. As as an Associate trained in our product, Emergenetics, she is an excellent facilitator, speaker and analyst, whom I would recommend for any organization who needs human capital development.

- M. Miller

200 hour Yoga teacher training

Mind Into Matter

The training is an expansive and integrated journey of yoga, self-discovery, rigor and levity. 
You will be guided by two women whose passion and expertise in the complimentary fields of yoga, personal growth and leadership will light your heart on fire so you can step on to the mat and into the world in your own unique way.

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